Worship Gatherings – 20 January 2019

Dear Folk,

Trust you’re blessed as you walk with Jesus.

Sunday Morning 20 January 2019 @ 9am

As you read Genesis chapter 19 do you see anything there that is happening in our Twenty-First Century World?

We need to understand what actually happened in Lot’s day? Without a proper understanding of that, we might be influenced by many other voices resulting in a faulty understanding of the world in which we live.

Sunday Evening 20 January 2019 @ 6pm

There are many views about the Biblical Book known as Revelation. As we resume our studies in Revelation … we come to chapter 12v7-17. 

We have already seen what the first six verses mean … so it’s time to dig deeper …. “a war in heaven?” Can that be? … And a “dragon pursuing a woman”!

Wow! Intriguing, interesting, invigorating …

You’re welcome to join us at both our services as we gather around God’s Word.

Love in Jesus


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