Shepherding the Flock – 27 March 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Please receive the flyer below, advertising what will be happening on Sunday nights for the next few weeks.

Every learner able to grasp the DVD lectures (primary and secondary), university students and especially parents are encouraged to and welcome to attend.

Christians will more and more be confronted with schools, institutions and television pushing the evolutionary label without providing a proper Biblical explanation for creation.

It is with this in mind that we are running six DVDs presented by Christian Scientists called Puting the Pieces Together.

Flyers will be available on Sunday should you like to invite friends.

Love in Jesus


Six Illustrated DVD Presentations




Dr. Tas Walker (Geologist); Dr. Don Batten (Biologist) and Dr. David Catchpoole (Plant Physiologist & Science Educator)

Sunday Nights at 5pm from 9 April 2017 (excluding 16 April)


One of the Children’s Church kids in primary school said to a leader:

“My teacher says – it’s the Big Bang!”


Was there a Big Bang or did God create?



April 2

Christian World View

May 7

Dinosaurs and the Bible

April 9

6 Days and the True History of the Universe

May 14

After Their Kind

Key to Living Things

April 30

Fossils, the Flood and earth Science

May 21

Answers to Key Questions

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