Seeds Newsletter – 11 May 2018

Dear friends
We had a good trip to Australia at the beginning of March. We met with Overseas Council Australia (OCA) to discuss the future involvement of Theological Education Development Services (TEDS) with their Mile Deep Strategy. They had just completed the Mile Deep conference in Cape Town. If you would like to watch the short video, here is the link:
Over the next few weeks, TEDS will be running two training programmes back on back:
26-28 April Africa Inland Church Academic Administrators Training Conference in Nairobi. Both Dick and I will be facilitating.
28 April – 5 May SPU-Dan Mission lecturer training. Dick and Prof Egon from Denmark will be facilitating. I will be observing.
Our secondment agreements with OAIC and PUEA  in Kenya end soon. Because the TEDS work has expanded so much, we will not be renewing our current agreements in Kenya but will both focus full-time on the TEDS work with OCA. This means that we will have to leave Kenya by the end of August.
As the OCA progamme works closely with George Whitefield College in Cape Town,  we will be relocating there. However, South Africa will only make up a small part of the TEDS work. OCA works in six hubs across Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Tanzania and South Africa). We will be travelling regularly to the hubs to run lecturer training programmes. A fuller explanation of the work can be seen on the video. We will send out a more detailed explanation in our next Link Letter.
Two weeks ago, our South African passports arrived so now we can travel to  South Africa again. From 12-21 May, Dick will be visiting George Whitefield College in Cape Town to talk with them about the relocation and about the work TEDS-OCA will be doing with them.
As you can imagine, things are very busy for us at the moment. I am still teaching at PUEA with a heavy workload. Dick has just started helping OAIC to write a new curriculum for training in the churches. At the same time, the TEDS work is already more than full-time and we are both working long hours to try to keep things moving along. We feel like we are not able to keep up at the moment and it is challenging our organizational skills!
However, we sense that the Lord is in it all. There seems to be a mini-revival going among my students as they have learnt to  exegete the Word and preach expository sermons. They come back from preaching on Sundays with reports of many people coming forward after the sermon,  or with multiple requests for them to preach at special services across the region. Students? This is not usual. It is surely the Lord’s doing. It makes it hard to leave, but several of them feel called to go on with their studies in order to return to PUEA as Bible teachers. May the Lord grant the desire of their hearts.
In fellowship
Dick & Caroline

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