Pastoral Letter – 7 June 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus 7 July 2017

Recently as I was reading Spurgeon’s devotion for the day out of “The Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith” … I found three insights into John 3v16 … into the inexhaustible Bible Verse …

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

He speaks about God’s Love, God’s Gift and God’s Son. As I thought through the reading and the verse, I decided to use the three points backwards … because of God’s Son and His substitutional death, believers received God’s Gift of salvation because of God’s awesome, wonderful and sacrificial Love.

Meditate upon this verse and see how it either encourages you as a believer or perhaps challenges you as an unbeliever.

  1. Church App
    Maybe you were not in church when we demonstrated our church app for quick updates and references.

    1. You need a Smart Phone
    2. On your app where you download apps, enter WP CHURCH, search and when it appears download it. It is free.
    3. Once downloaded open it. You will see a church name, click on that and a menu will appear at the bottom. Scroll down and select Christ Church Tshwane.
    4. You will see 5 buttons on the top and 5 on the bottom. The first at the top is “Home”. Under ‘Home’ you will see Christ Church Tshwane and the logo with a brief explanation. Scroll down with your finger and you’ll find “Register or Update your member details”.
    5. You may register as a user. There will be benefits such as updating your information, access to groups and some other functions. You do not have to register but not all features will be available to you.
    6. Should you register, your name will go to the web-deacon for approval. We want to prevent people who might have malicious intentions from registering … generally, some features that accompany the app for members and regular adherents are for them only.

      The idea of the app is to have a facility where members, regular adherents, and friends of Christ Church Tshwane may have access to:

      1. ADDRESS
        Update their personal information – this is private to the pastor, church secretary, web-deacon and the member.
      2. MEDIA
        Sermons preached at CCT and other preachers will be found here.
      3. ROTAS
        Here you will find who is on duty on any given Sunday as per the general roster.
        Click on the date to select another date.
      4. GIVING
        The Church’s banking details will appear here.
      5. CALENDAR
        Click on the date and see what will be happening during that week at CCT.
      6. NEWS
        Here you will find all Service Outline for the coming Sunday, Announcements,
        Special Announcements, Church and Reach SA events, Pastoral Letters, etc.
      7. GROUPS
        Groups refers to Council, Coordinators Forum, Bible Studies, Youth Groups,
        Children’s Church, Young Adults, Men for the Master, Ladies for the Lord, etc.
      8. BIBLE
        Here you will find the McCheyne Bible Readings for each day of the year. Although there are 4 daily readings you may follow one or more each day. As an example, for today the readings are from Joshua, Psalms, Jeremiah and Matthew. You could follow one book or more. Here’s an example: press on the book Joshua and immediately the chapter will appear. It is the English Standard Version (ESV).
      9. PRAYER
        All congregation prayer requests, emergencies and updates are found here. From time to time other prayer requests will be seen here. These will depend upon the discretion of the Church Council.

        We hope you’ll find this app helpful. It is useable but under construction. Suggestions may be sent to: <a href=”mailto:[email protected]”> [email protected]</a>.”

  2. Church Web Page
    This page may be found at: This site is also under construction but you’ll find quite a few things that could be help there.
  3. Sunday 9 July @ 9am
    This is our monthly morning Communion Service.
    Last Sunday we looked at “Missions” with the focus on the missionary. This Sunday we will be looking at the Care of Missionaries.
  4. Sunday 9 July @ 5pm
    Over the past few weeks we have been looking at DVDs from Creation Science Ministries, trying to equip ourselves to better understand the errors of evolution to be able to help our children and young people at school and university as well as ourselves in a world where Evolution is promoted as fact, denying the Biblical account of Creation.
    This Sunday night we will learn how we can use what we learnt as an evangelistic tool. Please join us.

    Together with you for the Lord Jesus and His glorious Kingdom


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