MMM Creche and School

Dear Folk

As you are aware, the church based school, Motivated Marvelous Munchies is hosted at CCT.

We have recently appointed Denise James as our principal. She is responsible for the finances and admin work.

We are in need of the following:

1. Laptop or Computer

We need a reasonably fast machine with windows 10 and Microsoft Office installed. Could someone donate one of the above please?

2. Smartphone

People upgrade their cellphone contracts regularly. Is there someone who could donate a good condition second hand smartphone?

3. Router

We need to have a data source and feel that initially it would be prudent to go the route of a ‘pay as you go’ sim card … but would need a router that could accommodate a sim card. Could anyone donate this please?

We know that you would like to be in prayer for the school as well as help where you can.

The school is a registered Non Profit Company.

Thank you for considering the above prayerfully.


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