Congregational Letter – 18 November 2019

Dear Folk

The great Hudson Taylor, God’s man to bring the gospel to China around the 1850’s was a small unassuming man. But because he had a great God and great faith in this God to provide all the resources for the needs of his missionary efforts in China … this unassuming man did the impossible for God and His gospel.

You and I have the exact same God … and we too are unassuming … the question is … do we have great faith in our great God? Do we have faith to believe this great God of ours is able to provide all the resources we need to do His work here on earth where He has placed us?

You too are able to do the impossible, doing what God wants you to do for His glory and His Kingdom.

As the pace hots up and increases as we hasten towards the end of the year, I want to remind you of a few matters:

1. Sunday 24 November

At 9am we look at Genesis chapter 46 & 47 in our second last message in the Book of Genesis.

At 6pm we have our Children’s Church Play and Gift Presentation followed by a Bring ‘n Share Fellowship meal / refreshments in the hall. If each family could bring a plate of eats to share it would be great.

2. Sunday 1 December 

At 9am Lutic will bring God’s Word to us and at 6pm we have our annual Carols & Readings Service where Dieter will preach.

We cannot determine the weather and call for a picnic … so we ask again that everyone brings a plate of eats to share.

3. Sunday 8 December

Ray Potgieter is our preacher at 9am. Following the service we will join in a fellowship meal for all present. Our area bishop hopes to be present for a while.

From the 8 December our Evening Worship is in recess due to the holiday period.

4. Wednesday Night Bible Study Gathering 27 November

This evening will take the shape of a Bring ‘n Share Fellowship as it is the last study for the year and the last study I’ll be taking.

5. Prayer Requests

Please continue in prayer for Lindiwe’s mom. She came out of hospital today but is unable to walk at this stage. The damage done to her body is so much that recovery will take a long time. Lindiwe is with her in KZN for the next few weeks.

Paul & Alta, Willie & Lea and Dawn & Bob remain on our prayer list.

Pray for Gerald Mbebe and his family as they ready themselves to take over the pastoral ministry here at CCT from January 2020.

With you for the greatest cause ever … eternity with Jesus!


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