Worship Gatherings – 20 January 2019

Dear Folk,

Trust you’re blessed as you walk with Jesus.

Sunday Morning 20 January 2019 @ 9am

As you read Genesis chapter 19 do you see anything there that is happening in our Twenty-First Century World?

We need to understand what actually happened in Lot’s day? Without a proper understanding of that, we might be influenced by many other voices resulting in a faulty understanding of the world in which we live.

Sunday Evening 20 January 2019 @ 6pm

There are many views about the Biblical Book known as Revelation. As we resume our studies in Revelation … we come to chapter 12v7-17. 

We have already seen what the first six verses mean … so it’s time to dig deeper …. “a war in heaven?” Can that be? … And a “dragon pursuing a woman”!

Wow! Intriguing, interesting, invigorating …

You’re welcome to join us at both our services as we gather around God’s Word.

Love in Jesus


Synod 2018 – Accommodation

Dear brothers and sisters,

We have been requested by the organisers of Synod 2018 at Midrand to host 3 delegates, 1 lady and 2 men.

They need to be collected from CCM after the Communion Service on Tuesday evening, 28th August, hosted from then and until Thursday morning 30 August (breakfast).

If you are able to host and take them to and from CCT please contact me so that we can set the logistics in place.

With you for Jesus and His Eternity