A Meditation on Psalm 145

In reading through Psalm 145 devotionally, I once again saw why David could burst out in glorious adoration.

Here is a man who knows His God and King personally and intimately. As he gets to verse 8, he reveals the cause of his praise … God is:
Slow to anger
Rich in love

Surely these are the things to ponder as we reflect upon personal sinfulness.

And … ought not these attributes needed in our daily lives? As the Master is do gentle and tender with His beloved, ought we too not to be gentle and tender with His beloved?

Look at how verse 13b flows into verse 14!

He is trustworthy and faithful!

He exercises continual love, mercy and forgiveness to all His saints … even when they fall (sin) and repent (bowed down). He lifts (restores) them.

And again, ought these characteristics not to be ours when people sin against us and our family in Christ?

David’s adoration and praise rises out of a heart that is warm with His Lord’s attributes alive in his heart and soul.

Does that say anything to your soul today?

Shepherding the Flock – 27 March 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Please receive the flyer below, advertising what will be happening on Sunday nights for the next few weeks.

Every learner able to grasp the DVD lectures (primary and secondary), university students and especially parents are encouraged to and welcome to attend.

Christians will more and more be confronted with schools, institutions and television pushing the evolutionary label without providing a proper Biblical explanation for creation.

It is with this in mind that we are running six DVDs presented by Christian Scientists called Puting the Pieces Together.

Flyers will be available on Sunday should you like to invite friends.

Love in Jesus


Six Illustrated DVD Presentations




Dr. Tas Walker (Geologist); Dr. Don Batten (Biologist) and Dr. David Catchpoole (Plant Physiologist & Science Educator)

Sunday Nights at 5pm from 9 April 2017 (excluding 16 April)


One of the Children’s Church kids in primary school said to a leader:

“My teacher says – it’s the Big Bang!”


Was there a Big Bang or did God create?



April 2

Christian World View

May 7

Dinosaurs and the Bible

April 9

6 Days and the True History of the Universe

May 14

After Their Kind

Key to Living Things

April 30

Fossils, the Flood and earth Science

May 21

Answers to Key Questions

Shepherding the Flock – 7 March 2017

Dear Beloved in Jesus 7 March 2017

  • The art of bended knee is a royal honour of the highest order.
  • Prayer is the most powerful act a creature of God can perform.

As George Whitefield went on his evangelist journeys, he took along a man who was

crippled. He was not the Crusade Director, Chief Musician or Lead Singer, His task

was when Whitefield preached to pray. Why did Whitefield’s sermons rock hearts?

This cripple man prayed!

What brought the success of tens of thousands falling into the kingdom of God as

Whitefield preached? A small crippled man who prayed!

The apostle Paul understood the need to be prayed for in relation to his preaching!

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too,

that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the

mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly,

as I should.

Colossians 4v2-4

Many years ago, a few of us would take turns in praying for souls to be saved whilst the

preacher delivered his message. The results were electrifying for the pray-er, the

preacher, the congregation and … souls were saved.

Would any one of us accept this as a challenge?


Every Sunday @ 9am Children’s Church & Crèche in the Children Church House

Sunday 26 th @ 9am Joshua 5v13-6v27 Preacher: Don Kirkwood

Communion Service

@ 5pm Discipleship program

Two Ways to Live – How to share the gospel Biblically!


Please be in prayer for all meetings and gatherings.


Tuesday @ 6.00am George Whitefield College Explore Courses


Wednesday @ 7.00am for ½ an hour in the Boardroom

BIBLE STUDIES: The Biblical Theology of Gender – masculinity part 2

Wednesday @ 6.00pm – in the Board Room

Thursday @ 10.00am – Bob Hazzard’s home

Address and directions available.


Friday @ 5.00pm Kidz Club from 3 to grade 7

@5.30pm Unashamed Youth for Teenagers


A Gospel concert will be held on Friday 17 March at 6pm to 8.30pm featuring

Blaque Nubon, Lily Million and Lutic Mosoane.

This event will replace Unashamed Youth and the proposed YAG meeting for the

18 th .

All welcome. More information will be provided soon.


Ladies for the Lord Breakfast 11 March at 8am


Date : Saturday 11 March 2017

Time : 8.00am sharp

Venue : Church hall

Dress : Casual

Cost : R30.00

Speaker : Jenny Kirkwood

Registration : By Wednesday 8 th March

Don 082 907 0848

Denise and Jenny will be doing a sewing / knitting workshop for about an hour after the

breakfast for those interested.

Guest are welcome but RSVP essential for catering purposes.


The council has moved the date from 26 March to 19 March.

This will be a Harvest Day where we are invited to bring fresh veg and fruit and

non-perishable foods.

This day also includes a special Thank Offering, over and above our monthly

Tithe. (This is also part of Fund Raising in place of the Annual Morning Market).

We will have special envelops available soon to this offering.


Usher Duty Zanele 084 381 6746

[email protected]

Refreshment Duty Jenny 083 636 3571

[email protected]

Flower Duty Jenny 083 636 3571

[email protected]

Open & Close Duty Clifford 078 667 1455

[email protected]

Edesk duty Derek 079 512 6441

[email protected]

All Pulpit Ministries Don 082 907 0848

[email protected]

With You for JESUS



And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust

to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.