Congregational Letter – 17 November 2019

Dear Friends

Can you believe we have reached 16 November … it was January 1 just a while ago! Time flies! Because time flies I want to share some information with you for tomorrow’s worship services at Christ Church Tshwane.

1. At 9am we have John Annadale as our speaker.
John has preached for us over the past few years and has always been a blessing to the soul and a challenge to our gospel walk.

2. At 6pm I am speaking about “The Reality of Eternity”
We will be opening up Luke 16v19-31. This is NOT a parable. This is a real story with profound meaning for you and me and all people living in all times. After the evening service we have a meal and fellowship.

May I invite you to join us for both meetings … and especially for the evening one? Bring with you people who are unsaved or confused about the gospel or starting to show interest!

With you for the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus. May He be exalted and pleases because we meet in His majestic name.


MMM Creche and School

Dear Folk

As you are aware, the church based school, Motivated Marvelous Munchies is hosted at CCT.

We have recently appointed Denise James as our principal. She is responsible for the finances and admin work.

We are in need of the following:

1. Laptop or Computer

We need a reasonably fast machine with windows 10 and Microsoft Office installed. Could someone donate one of the above please?

2. Smartphone

People upgrade their cellphone contracts regularly. Is there someone who could donate a good condition second hand smartphone?

3. Router

We need to have a data source and feel that initially it would be prudent to go the route of a ‘pay as you go’ sim card … but would need a router that could accommodate a sim card. Could anyone donate this please?

We know that you would like to be in prayer for the school as well as help where you can.

The school is a registered Non Profit Company.

Thank you for considering the above prayerfully.


Our Daily Bread – Devotional Books

Dear Folk

Trust that by grace you are well and loving following the Lord Jesus.

Please receive the attached order form for the “Our Daily Bread” devotional books.

Until we have all the orders in we cannot give you an accurate price. The reason for this is that the more we order the cheaper it becomes. So, as you see below, the actual price is R75 each …

Please note that each book costs R75.00

If we purchase 24 you get it for R65

If we buy 34 you get it for R60

If we buy 43 you get it for R55

We cannot purchase a huge amounts and be left with books next year, so, you have a guideline … The high price will be R65 per book … yet if we are able to purchase more you will pay less.

May I suggest that you consider giving devotional books as Christmas Gifts.

Order cut off date will be on Sunday 20 October 2019.

Love in Jesus