A Meditation on Psalm 145

In reading through Psalm 145 devotionally, I once again saw why David could burst out in glorious adoration.

Here is a man who knows His God and King personally and intimately. As he gets to verse 8, he reveals the cause of his praise … God is:
Slow to anger
Rich in love

Surely these are the things to ponder as we reflect upon personal sinfulness.

And … ought not these attributes needed in our daily lives? As the Master is do gentle and tender with His beloved, ought we too not to be gentle and tender with His beloved?

Look at how verse 13b flows into verse 14!

He is trustworthy and faithful!

He exercises continual love, mercy and forgiveness to all His saints … even when they fall (sin) and repent (bowed down). He lifts (restores) them.

And again, ought these characteristics not to be ours when people sin against us and our family in Christ?

David’s adoration and praise rises out of a heart that is warm with His Lord’s attributes alive in his heart and soul.

Does that say anything to your soul today?

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